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Shoe Wipes Home & Away Bundle (25)

Shoe Wipes Home & Away Bundle (25)

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The most convenient way to keep your shoes clean at all times. The first-ever shoe wipe with scrubbing microdots on both sides and increased dot density for 2X Cleaning power!  Ideal for express and on-the-go sneaker cleanings. Includes 25 wipes.

What's in this bundle?
A total of 25 wipes.

  • 15-wipes pack to keep at home, office or car.
  • 10 Individually wrapped wipes to take with you on your daily adventures.

Safe on:
Shoozas wipes are safe on leather, canvas, nylon, vinyl, and all midsoles. Do not use on nubuck or suede.

The Shoozas Wipes Method:

  • Brace yourself for wipes with 2x cleaning power. Shoozas wipes have microdots on both sides & increased dot density for additional cleaning power.
  • Pull out one wipe from the pack or tear open individual packaging to remove wipe. Unfold wipe and wrap it around index finger.
  • Scrub dirty areas on uppers and midsoles. Flip wipe for additional cleaning power.
    Watch how here.

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